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Our vision is to inspire new generations of entrepreneurs from all walks of life, on a global level by showcasing top leaders with proven successful skill sets, so they can align their mindset and realize the new Leaders in Transformation are within.

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Provide a worldwide digital and print magazine which will provide experience, inspiration and education. It serves to amplify LiT Leaders in Transformation who are purpose-driven as they help propel humanity forward into sufficiency and abundance.

Introducing Barbie Layton
An International TV Host, Speaker, Healer, Entrepreneur, and Author. She helps CEOs and individuals alike reanimate their dreams, fall in love with themselves, and become the VIP of their own lives with powerful one-of-a-kind intuitive SoulPrint energy clearings that have manifested miracles in her clients’ lives. Her latest project, “The Science of Signs” is already creating a buzz in the industry. She has been featured in 300 leading publications including, USA Today, Los Angeles Tribune, Forbes, LiT Magazine, Associated Press, and Market Watch to name a few.

A featured speaker for the upcoming Red Carpet Event, Barbie will inspire, motivate and encourage you to take your Life and Business to the next level. She is also featured in LiT Magazine’s article, “Harness Your Energy to Manifest Your Success”.

Dr. Letitia Wright

Crowd Funding Strategist Entertainment/TV/Film

Brian Kennedy

Encourager & Champion Builder

Maria Eborn

International Motivational Speaker Writer & Inventor of the Chiavanti

Jesús Marín & Verónica Zambrano


Magi Avila